Friday, December 12, 2008

9 meaningless facts about "The Christmas Story"

1. I have never seen it.
2. I don't want to ever see it.
3. I don't want to know anything more about it than I already do. I already know far too much.
4. That leg lamp blows.
5. That stupid red rider bb gun blows too.
6. I was once shot in the neck (sniper style) by M. Nobo with a high power BB gun.
7. I was relaxing on a hammock at the time.
8. That kid looks an awful lot like cousin oliver from brady bunch.
9. Don't tell me if it really is (see meaningless fact no. 3)


theorris said...

#10: Gene Shepphard was brilliant and it is too bad this is really all that people know of his work.

BoneFolder said...

Of course the leg lamp blows. It was supposed to blow. This summer I actually met a guy whose eye was shot out with a BB gun when he was a kid. I probably shouldn't ask him what he thinks of the film.

You know what? I think I'm going to watch it again tonight.

richelle said...

I knew a woman who lost an eye as a child in a miniature golf mishap. My own father had one eye. It was just a regular way to lose an eye though. Is there anyone else that hasn't seen this movie and doesn't want to? dammit.
The thing about the leg lamp. It's supposed to be quirky. I've had it up to here with quirky.

BoneFolder said...

It's supposed to be kitschy. And I've about had it with kitsch, myself.

Er... What's the regular way to lose an eye?

richelle said...

Dear Miss Kitsch--I'm filled.

I wish there was one word to convey all that I am done with. Kitsch, quirky, weirdness for weird's sake. Quirk QUirk quirk. You know what did me in? The film Juno. It was the end of the quirk and ironic line for me.

richelle said...

Regular way--car accident. I suppose looking at it through an everyday lens there is no way to lose an eye that is normal, because the event in itself is abnormal, but looking at it through the world of lost eyes, a car accident seems fairly regular opposed to the aforementioned examles we provided: miniature golf and BB guns. But, maybe I just think of it as regular because it was normal growing up being exposed to the world of lost eyes by car accident.

bigbrownhouse said...

I saw it twenty years ago and again last year. Could hardly keep my eyes open either time.

In a film that wanted so badly to re-create an era, mom's big 80's perm was an unforgivable anachronism.

Shades said...
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Shades said...

I grew up with it, so I assume an attachment to the memory of seeing it when I was younger. Though even as my scrutinizing eye has soured many memories I've held for movies I hadn't seen since my youth, A Christmas story still smells crescent-fresh. It's not quirky- it borders on 'weirdo'/goofy for a mainstream flick. I think what I loved about it, is that amidst the 80's revival of a 50's golden age facade, a christmas story shattered the image wholeheartedly.
Even though I generally disdain caricatures of middle-class dysfunction, this movie seems more in the vein nearing candid, memoir.
The 'voice-over' has yet to exploited to breach.

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